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  1. Thu 20 November 2014

    Loading PostGIS

    Notes from a talk at PostGIS Day, London 20th Nov 2014.

    The options

    All support basic options such as specifying table names, schema, SRS etc.


    Graphical interface to shp2pgsql tool shipped with PostGIS to load ESRI Shapefiles via pgAdmin III.
    Graphical interface to ogr2ogr command line utility …

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  2. Thu 17 July 2014

    GNU Parallel all the things!

    I've been doing a lot of data processing recently and have been looking for a way of running bulk data loads into PostGIS in parallel to make use of all available cores. The work has mainly revolved around loading national cover of Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap and VectorMap Local for …

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  3. Thu 24 November 2011

    Disaggregate MultiLineStrings using ST_Dump PostGIS

    PostGIS the spatial extension to the PostgreSQL database provides a host of functions for querying, creating and manipulating geometries within the database. ST_Dump allows you to disaggregate collection and multi geometries such as MultiPolygon and MultiLineSting easily. The example below demonstrates starting with a table that contains one row with …

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  4. Sun 19 December 2010

    Build OGR 1.8 with GML, WFS and PostGIS support on Ubuntu 10.04

    OGR 1.8 introduces support for reading GML with feature attributes expressed as nested elements as found in Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap as well as support for accessing WFS. This is a brief script for building OGR (GDAL) 1.8 from source as it's not currently released: Download latest daily …

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